P A R O L E the Movie

P A R O L E the Movie

P A R O L E the MovieP A R O L E the MovieP A R O L E the Movie

About the Film


A middle-aged Parole Officer is forced to face his life decisions head-on after a series of events leave him no other choice.

PAROLE the Movie is an Action/Drama filming in New Mexico on or after 2020.

The Production Team

Parole the Movie, a film created by screenwriter Rodney Lee Rogers,  and Executive Producer Raymond Scott, which also includes the production team of Producer Rob Rutledge ( CinemaSOLVE ) and Associate Producer Shawn Smith.

The Cast

Cast is being assembled pursuant to final budget with two or more notable actors complemented by a strong New Mexico based cast.


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PAROLE the Movie

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States